reiki master-teacher

raleigh, NC

I always believed there is Divine energy within all things. Since I was little, I have searched for spiritual practices to help me deepen the understanding of my true nature.

Reiki came in to my life by chance. I was blessed to meet Reiki Master Cheryl Jiala Driskell, the author of “Awakening Through Insight Intuition” and the founder of the Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development. It brought amazing changes to my life. My first Reiki session with her felt like “coming home”. Her gentle guidance helped me release my fears and doubts. Finally, I could hear my inner voice. Cheryl became my Teacher of Reiki level I & II.

It took me a few years before I felt the need to do a Reiki Master training. As everything happens at the right time, so did my friendship with a beautiful soul, Nataliya Hulyaeva, my next Reiki Teacher. Together, we spent many hours exploring the endless possibilities and benefits of the Reiki energy. I found not only a gifted Reiki Teacher but a true friend. Now I’m a registered Reiki Master.

Every month our group of Reiki practitioners runs Reiki Share events. Everyone is welcome to participate and experience the gentle flow of Divine energy. We believe people have an essential need to belong to a group, where they feel safe, supported and spiritually nourished.

In addition to Reiki practice, I am a passionate Ojos de Dios mandala weaver. I believe Mandalas reveal the untold stories of our True Self and open a beautiful path to our Soul.

I also practice Intuitive Art with adults and children as a natural way to connect with Creative Self and release any blocks or traumas of the past. If you wish to connect personally, I can be reached at 919-601-2697 (call or text) or by email


Natalya Prihodko

Natalya is a member of the ICRT Reiki Membership Association and abide by their code of ethics.