Reiki classes


You can develop your healing ability using hands and learn Reiki healing for yourself and others on Level I. Reiki smoother the energy flow of your body and adjusts the balance. Consequently, your body and mind get relaxed and refreshed. The stress-free life with Reiki allows you to keep your health and beauty and stay young.

Reiki raises your natural healing ability and heals your body and mind. The more you perform Reiki healing, the more powerful and exquisite it becomes. When Reiki healing becomes a natural part of your life to use it in every situation, it means you benefit from a great treasure.

Before you begin the classes, please read Diane Stein's book "Essential Reiki". You can buy it at the Amazon - or you may borrow one from me.


It is also recommended, although not necessary, to have one or two Reiki sessions before Reiki Level I class.

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Available reiki classes:

All classes include training materials from the International Center for Reiki Training

Reiki Level I-$75

Pre-requisites: none

Reiki I is the first level of Reiki training and is the foundation for all other levels. In this class, students are permanently attuned to Reiki through a series of 4 attunements.

what you will learn:

    - Class material for First level of Reiki
    - The history of Reiki
    - Major uses and applications of Reiki

    - The first Reiki symbol
    - The basic hand positions, and how to use them for self-healing or the healing of others.
    - A method of body scanning in order to detect energy imbalances
    - Grounding and protecting technique
    - Space clearing technique

Reiki Level II- $75

Pre-requisites: Level 1

Reiki II is the second level of Reiki training. Students will receive an attunement to further open the Reiki channel.

what you will learn:

   - Class material for Second level of Reiki
   - The second degree Reiki symbols
    - How to use the symbols to focus energy
    - How to use the symbols to work with mental and emotional issues
    - How to use the symbols to perform healing at a distance
    - How to incorporate the symbols into a full Reiki session
    - Chakra balancing technique

Reiki Level III / Reiki Master- $100

Pre-requisites: Levels 1 and 2

If you plan to take the Reiki Master Teacher class in the future, the payment of the Reiki Master Class will be applied toward the cost of the Reiki Master Teacher Class.

Reiki III is the third level of Reiki training and earns the student the level of Master Practitioner. This level is the last level for students who wish to practice Reiki at the highest level but who do not wish to teach Reiki to others.

what you will learn:

    - Class material for Master level of Reiki
    - First and Second degree Reiki will be reviewed
    - The master symbol and how to incorporate it into all Reiki healing techniques
    - How to use Crystal grids in Reiki healing


Reiki Level IV / Reiki Master Teacher-$150

Pre-requisites: Levels 1,2 and 3

This class is for Reiki Master Practitioners who wish to become Reiki teachers.

what you will learn:

    - How to give the attunements for each level of Reiki   
    - How to use Master Teacher symbols in healing sessions
    - Students will practice giving attunements at all three levels
    - Japanese healing technique

Please note that a commitment to regular self-treatments is essential to success in any advanced training.

*Please contact us if you are would like to take a class, but unable to do so due to it's cost. We have scholarships available for those who is in need for them.