We are born with amazing ability to see, feel and appreciate the world we live in. There is beauty that underlies everything. Every little flower, leaf and gorgeous sky has harmony and beauty in it. 

There is a powerful statement present in everything we see. It's a highly organized system and it's called Life. We can do everything in our power so this beautiful world around us continue thriving.  

Twenty years ago I've met a friend and energy healer, Eduard Krasnikov. For the next two decades I, under his guidance, was developing my healing and intuitive skills by following his simple advice to use pendulum on daily basis. This practice can help your inner sensitivity and intuition to get to a higher level.


When Reiki came into my life, it was natural that I continued walking this path, now with Reiki. I feel blessed giving Reiki to others. Healing myself and other people with Reiki had the most incredible impact on my life.

I've received my first and second degree Reiki training with Elena Deeva-Gordon in Raleigh, NC.

My Advanced Reiki training and Master Teacher training were with Deborah Dixon, who's trained with William Lee Rand, the founder of the International Center for Reiki Training (

I'm a certified Tibetan singing bowls therapist. My formal musical education is very helpful in understanding of how the Tibetan singing bowls work. 

Another technique that I do is Aura Color CorrectionPlease ask when inquire about the Reiki session if this service is available on the day of your visit.

I also hold certification in Intuitive Art-Therapy. Click here to learn more about the method.

Natalie currently doesn't offer Reiki classes. For Reiki classes, please contact Nina

Anyone can learn how to do a Reiki self healing. It's as simple as getting a breath of fresh air!