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what is reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning "Universal Life-Force-Energy". The "Ki" part is the same word as Chi or Qi, the Chinese word or Prana, the energy which underlies everything.

Elements of Reiki have their origins in ancient Tibet and are also evident in India. Reiki was rediscovered by Dr. Usui in the late 1800's in Japan after a 7 year period of travel and research to find the ancient practice of hands on healing.

When we were children, we would come to our parents or caregivers and they would put their loving hands close to the wounded area and it would heal more quickly.

This is exactly how Reiki works - Reiki practitioner places his hands where the pain is and the energy flows freely through his hands, going where it's most needed.

Reiki is a simple, yet profound hands-on healing system for giving that energy to someone for the purpose of healing.  It helps to reduce stress, treats insomnia, anxiety and depression, reduces pain and inflammation. 

Read about Reiki use at Duke University Here, in Mayo Clinic Hospitals Here and in University of California Here.

Experience it's loving and gentle, yet powerful healing effect on your life!

Give yourself a wonderful gift of a



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Reiki PriNciples

Now, I am grateful;

without anger;

without worry;

honest and
dedicated in work;

and kind to all living things.


Benefits of Reiki

*Enhances relaxation *Accelerates the healing process of body/mind *Decreases anxiety, tension *Increases immune system function *Decreases pain

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About Mukao Usui - Reiki Founder

Mikao Usui was born on 15th August, 1865. Having learned under difficulties in his childhood, he studied hard with efforts and he was by far superior in ability to his friends.

After growing up, he went over to Europe and America, and also studied in China. In spite of his real ability, however, he was not always successful in life.

Although he was compelled to lead an unfortunate and poor life so often, he strove much more than before to harden his body and mind without flinching from the difficulties.

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reiki classes

Classes are available for those wishing to learn how to give Reiki sessions. Reiki is simple and easy to learn; anyone can learn it, and there are no prerequisites. Once you've learned, you can give Reiki to yourself and others.


 dōTERRA  essential oils

As a dōTERRA Welness Advocate, I offer dōTERRA Essential Oils samples in Reiki Sessions

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